Masai Mara

Kenya - Day 6

The return to Nairobi

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An excellent week that went far too quickly, so in no time it was our last day in the Masai Mara.

On the last morning we went for a nature walk on to the plains with two Masai guides and an armed ranger, looking at and learning about the trees, plants and animal tracks (Aardvark, Hippo, Hyena, Hare & some of the area's smaller and less celebrated cats). We also met some of the smaller creatures, most notably
Matabele Ants (sometimes known as Army Ants) that were out in their lines scouting for a termite nest to raid. It was best not to get too close as these guys are large, numerous and pack a powerful sting.

Zebras as we headed out of the park...

Miche's last 'Five Star Bush' of the trip and quite an impressive Euphorbia to finish on...


This was not even the most precarious set of passengers we saw as we travelled back to Nairobi... 

The Narok wood carvers...

After our lodge and tent, our last night was spent at the Holiday Inn at Nairobi.

Group shot minus Simon who was taking the photo...

Group (Simon's photo)

Our guides, Davis & Ben...

Simon's photo

It was never about checklists or 'must sees', as we saw so much more than the pictures here can ever include or convey and it was fantastic to meet people and to learn about Masai culture.

However, with the week at an end it's time to see how we did against the traditional and not so traditional lists:

Buffalo - Yes
Elephant - Yes
Lion - Yes
Rhino - Yes
Leopard - No

4 out of 5 - Very happy
Buffalo - Yes
Elephant - Yes
Lion - Yes
Rhino - Yes
Leopard - No
Cheetah - Yes
Zebra - Yes
Giraffe - Yes
Hippo - Yes

8 out of 9 - Fantastic
Serval - No
Aardvark - No
Pangolin - No
Genet Cat - No
African Wild Cat - No
Civet Cat - No
Porcupine - No

0 out of 7 - That's why they're the 'Secret Seven'.
Buffalo Weaver Bird - No
Elephant Shrew - No
Ant Lion - No
Rhinoceros Beetle - No
Leopard Tortoise - No

0 out of 5 - Oh well, there's always next time.

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