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Day 3 - 20th October 2012

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Bit of an odd day, after an early start to get to the rendezvous hotel, we returned to the airport to pick up that day's arrivals, the effect was that 5 hours after leaving our hotel we passed within 100 yards of it.

The hotel's vintage Jaguar; by the look of it, it hasn't seen a Delhi street for at least 50 years. Needless to say, we travelled in a Toyota.

We left the Imperial's peaceful bubble through a little side gate into a lane and re-entered the wonderful chaotic melee of Delhi for our adventure to begin...

One of the contradictions of India; this man's job was to polish the leaves on the plants outside the airport...

On the bus

After meeting the remaining 10 members of the group from the overnight UK flights, we were introduced to our transport for the tour, a roomy and properly air conditioned bus - I had wrongly imagined that 'air conditioned' might mean that some of the windows would open.

Miche and her traditional welcome Tikka and marigold garland...

Men get a bigger welcome Tikka (vermillion)...

We were very happy with our bus, some of the others available looked less comfortable...

The lorries were colourful too and often had a sign at the back asking people to honk their horns; in such a polite society, people oblige and the streets are a never ending crescendo of tooting, but it all adds to the atmosphere as we made our way on the 5 hour journey to Agra and arrived at the next hotel after dark..

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