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Day 18 - 11th August 2013

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Sadly all good things come to an end and we faced the journey home. Six of the group had been up super-early to return to the UK via Miami and the remaining five of us had a few hours to take stock and make our way to the airport.

We hugely enjoyed our time in Ecuador and the Galapagos, I loved the wildlife and the relaxed engagement with animals not petrified by the sight of a human being (even though some species have every right to be afraid). It was great to see things being done to keep it that way - bag searches; invasive species eradication programs and strict rules of entry to sites. I really hope the islands can say 'no' to huge cruise ships and mass-market tourism despite the money that those may bring and keep it small, even if that is more expensive for the visitor. I'm a snob and a hypocrite for feeling this way, but I just hope that the Islands stay special and are not ruined like we've ruined practically everywhere else on the planet.

What also made the trip was that we had a very knowledgeable and likeable guide and we were very lucky to have travelled with a good group of fun people that both enjoyed and respected the Islands.

Miche in the room doing final checks...


Our room for our second stay in the Hotel Vieja Cuba was considerably larger than our first room there...

Rather sinister looking drinks at duty free in Guayaquil...

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