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Day 25 - Broome to Perth

18th June 2017

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Hovercraft, Boabs and travel to Perth

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A day spent around Broome before catching an early evening flight to Perth.

The 'Do not disturb' sign on our door...


View of the mudflats from our breakfast table. The hovercraft had been to the dinosaur footprints exposed at low tide at Gantheaume Point...
Hovercraft 1

Close up...

Hovercraft 2

This place was vaunted as having the best Mango Smoothies in town - we preferred the super-thick ones from the place in town...


Someone had a stack of Castlemaine XXXX and time on their hands...

Can plane 1

... quite impressive though, the propellers span in the breeze too...

Can plane 2

Last Boab trees for a while (well until se saw a transported one in the Botanical Gardens in King's Park)...

Boab 1

Great shapes...

Boab 2

Having wandered the markets and town buying a pearl necklace, books and a large shell we retired to Matso's Brewery for a leisurely lunch...


Signage at the airport...

Broome Airport 1

Really friendly, tropical, inside/outside departure lounge...

Broome Airport 2

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