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13th to 15th May 2016

Manchester Coat of Arms 


Part 1 - James & Albert Square


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James at the Phones4U Arena

To be looked after as though he was a Ming vase...
James 1

James 2

James 3

Trying to capture the dance moves was tricky...

James 4

James 5

James 6

James 7

After worrying that they weren't often playing 'Sit Down' on this tour, he appeared 15 feet away from us to sing it on the first encore - fantastic! ...

James 8

James 9

James 10

James 11

Albert Square Views

Central Library...

Round Library 2

The Midland Hotel where we were staying...


Town Hall & Library...

Town Hall 1


Town Hall 3

Town Hall 2

Town Hall 4

Town Hall 5

Town Hall...

Town Hall 6

Albert Memorial...

Prince Albert 1

Memorial & Town Hall...

Prince Albert 2