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Düsseldorf - Tour de France

30th June to 3rd July 2017


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Day 4 - Düsseldorf City

Hotel, Kling Klang Studios & City wanderings

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The Tour de France had moved on to Belgium and Luxembourg, and we spent our last day in this excellent city wandering the sites and eating cake.

We were pleased with the hotel and its attitude, it had a quirky Japanese boutique feel to it.

Breakfast was very pleasant including one of my favourites, honey still in the comb...

Breakfast 1

... and one I was less tempted by... raw minced pork..

Breakfast 2

Japanese Lucky Cat in the room...

Cat 1

Miche doing her lucky cat...

Cat 2

It's almost as though they knew that Miche would be staying in the room...


There were plenty of things to muck around with in reception...

Rabbits 1

All hotels should have stylised rabbit seating...

Rabbits 2

Rabbits 3

Hans & Emma...

Rabbits 4

Rabbits 5

 A mouse, Miche & a gong of course...

Gong 1

Gong 2

J Arthur Rank mode...

Gong 3

Site of the former Kraftwerk Kling Klang Studios

Kling Klang 1

Looking at the internet, I think they get a lot of people checking it out...

Kling Klang 2

In typical Kraftwerk style, it's just a very functional and plain building and no longer anything to do with Kraftwerk...

Kling Klang 3


königsallee 1

Miche in Königsallee, the fanciest of Düsseldorf's shopping streets...

königsallee 2

St Lambertus Church with its crooked spire...

Statues 1

The rather unusual and macabre Stadterhebungsmonument...

Statues 2

Statues 3

Statues 4

Miche next to the rather jollier cartwheeling boys statue (Radschläger), now adopted as one of Düsseldorf's emblems...

Statues 5

Rhine panorama from Burgplatz...


Town Hall...


As it was fast approaching time for us to say 'auf wiedersehen' to Düsseldorf, an homage to Auf Wiedersehen Pet in a menswear shop...

Auf Wiedersehen

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