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Days 18 & 19 - Lima to London

29th & 30th August 2015

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The return home

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It had been an amazing trip and we'd achieved a lot in a short amount of time. Moments from the Inca Trail especially will no doubt keep coming back to my mind at the most unexpected of times. As well as seeing some amazing sights we met some wonderful people and gained a very small insight into the lives and history of the Peruvian people and their rich Inca past.

You know your holiday's drawing to a close when you see the list of new arrivals to replace you...

New group


The Lima pigeons, similar to ours, but with blue eyeliner...


Miraflores coast...

Miraflores beachfront 1

A few surfers in the reliable swells...

Miraflores beachfront 2


Miraflores beachfront 3

More palms near the beach - we'd driven along the coastal road a few times and it was clear from the many building sites that it is the focus of a lot of investment to take a far greater chunk of the coastal strip from being a low-end part of town to being somewhere much more desirable. Typified by the intended move of the prison to be replaced by higher end apartments.

So while it's not currently the oceanside paradise playground that these trees might suggest, it stands every chance of being a manmade version for the wealthy in the future...
Miraflores beachfront 4

A last Lucuma milkshake...


Kennedy Park is famous for its cats, it was full of them, really full of them...


Large Pukara bull in Kennedy Park...


Town hall and the Church of the Virgin Milagrosa in Kennedy Park...
Park Kennedy

Lima airport and a parting Inca Kola before starting the flights home...

Lima airport

Back into British airspace, we'd practically have to fly over our house to get to Amsterdam to fly back again...

Flight sim 1

I did like the flight simulator view...

Flight sim 2

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