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Day 1 - 18th October 2012

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A 14-day tour around Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan.

The trip to India aroused far more polarised reactions from friends and family when we told them that we were going than from any other trip we'd taken, people either said what wonderful experience they thought it would be or just assumed we'd be clutching our stomachs and running to the toilet every 5 minutes and as a result that it wouldn't be a trip they'd want to take. We packed more Imodium, Dioralyte and toilet roll than you could shake a stick at and at the end of the trip, we brought it all home again completely untouched - the dreaded 'Delhi Belly' never materialised (that's not to say I wouldn't take it all again next time just in case!).

Having grown up as a child seeing charity appeals for India, but having this counterbalanced with the dramatic recent rise of the Indian economy and urban migration, we wondered which we'd see dominate. Not surprisingly, it was a real mixture: from places like Gurgaon on the way to Delhi, which looked like a Western metropolis to rural backwaters, with wandering domestic animals, cow pat collectors and an abundance of litter and half-finished buildings and then again you had the magnificent forts and stunningly beautiful palaces from its past. India has clearly always been a country of extreme 'haves' and 'have nots' and not a place that can be pigeon-holed.

We found the people very generous and friendly, frequently smiling and waving at us in our bus or Tuk Tuks, even the hawkers that thrust trinkets in front of us at the tourist attractions were only trying to make a living and we never felt threatened in any way whatsoever during the whole trip.

We had a wonderful time, travelling with a very good group and saw sights that we'll never forget - we definitely hope to return.

Day 1 - Heathrow to Delhi

Technically already day 2, approaching Delhi...

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