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Mount Toubkal Long Weekend 2019

26th & 27th September

Morocco COA

Arrival & Day 2 Hike to Refuge les Mouflons


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A five day trip to Morocco to climb Mt Toubkal (4167m, 13,671ft) known locally as Jebel Toubkal...

Trip Map

Slumming it at Gatwick for the flight to Marrakesh, anything to avoid using Ryanair...
Travel 1

After being warned how crazy Marrakesh airport was, I found it to be clear, clean and really easy to navigate...
Travel 2


Easy on the eye too...
Travel 3


Stunning ceiling...
Travel 4


Exterior decor...

Travel 5


The plainer room at Hotel Gomassine, which again was nowhere near as bad as some on Tripadvisor had suggested...

Travel 6

Day 2

After leaving Marrakesh, we stopped briefly at the very old Berber village of Tahanaout...
Village 1


Hicham our guide...
Village 2


Tea was poured from a great height at a guesthouse Imlil before the start of the trek...

Day 1 - Travel & Day 2 (Part 1) Hike to Refuge
Day 2 - Part 2 - Hike to Refuge
Day 3 - Hike to Summit
Day 4 - Imlil Hike & Marrakesh
Day 5 - Balloon Trip