December 2011

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week away in Iceland in the hope of seeing the Northern Lights...

Miche at Heathrow tucking into a pulled pork sandwich...

After a very pleasant flight with Icelandair we arrived in the dark, in weather that would have closed some UK airports - you could barely see the runway for spindrift being blown across it in the strong wind.

Hungry work this travelling, after settling into the hotel we wander into a cold and snowy Reykjavik for dinner. After rejecting treats such as Puffin and Minke Whale, we go for a traditional Icelandic platter including herring, salmon, lamb, pork and monkfish...

Next day - Sunday - Blue Lagoon & Northern Lights

Sunday - Blue Lagoon & Northern Lights Wednesday - South Coast
Monday - Golden Circle Thursday - Reykjavik & Northern Lights 
Tuesday - Snorkel Friday - Reykjavik

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