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Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest

Day 15 - Cuzco to Puno

26th August 2015

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Across the Altiplano

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The day was largely taken up with the long drive across the Altiplano from Cuzco to Puno. At one point on the road we reached out highest point of the trip at 4356m.

Our first stop was at a town called Andahuaylillas.

The Church of St Peter the Apostle in the town square...


A sleepy dog outside the church which apparently is known as the Sistine Chapel of the Andes due to its highly ornate interior decoration...


However, we were there to see the collection of deformed skulls that a local farmer had collected and which had spread rumours of alien visitations...

Skull shapes

Display of some of the many varieties of corn eaten in Peru...


The large Pisonay trees outside were draped in stringy moss and dotted with bright red flowers...


Closer view of the flowers...



Our next stop was at an Inca pilgrimage site that used to house large numbers of visitors for days at a time. It had supported them utilising a sizeable network of strategically placed circular storerooms constructed to maximise the drying effect of the wind on their layered contents.

The stall holders were still readying their wares as we arrived - the child was not for sale...

Raqchi 1

The impressive two story temple of Wiracocha...

Raqchi 2

... and viewed from the other end...

Raqchi 3

Bowls of salted Corn on the buffet at the lunch stop...


This advert for an altitude sickness treatment at Pukara (the town where the clay bulls are made) made me smile...
Altitude cure


On arrival at Puno we checked into the grand looking and comfortable Casona Plaza Hotel.

Probably the campest toilet door sign that I've ever seen...


After a visit to a local market to purchase essentials for our homestay hosts the following day we headed to a restaurant that offered a traditional music and dancing show.

I haven't seen costumes like these since a GWAR gig I went to in Camden 25 years ago...

Puno dancers 1


Puno dancers 2

The ladies were taken by the firm thighs of the hawkmen...

Puno dancers 3

This costume had Papa Lazarou overtones...

Puno dancers 4

The whole performance was noisy and fun...

Puno dancers 5

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