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Inca Trail & the Amazon Rainforest

Day 6 - Tambopata National Reserve

17th August 2015

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Salt Lick & Night Cruise

Part 1 - The feathery gathering

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The day started with a visit to a 'salt lick', where parrots & macaws gather to take on minerals crucial to their health.

It was our earliest start of the trip - alarm at 02:45 for an 03:30 departure - to ensure we didn't miss out on any early diners.

Dawn on the Tambopata river, the boat captain had skillfully dodged obstacles in the dark during the long part of the ride in before dawn...

Boat 1

Boat 2

A bleary-eyed Miche appears from under her blanket and into the light...

Miche boat

White trunked trees on a bend in the river...


At a smaller 'lick' away from our destination, Blue-headed Parrots were already on the case...

Parrots 1

Seeing these parrots so quickly, I foolishly assumed the Macaws would similarly be in residence when we got there (I should know better by now!)...
Parrots 2

Parrots 3

Blue and Yellow Macaws very high up in a tree on the far bank...

Macaws 1

Macaws 2

Scarlet Macaws...

Macaws 3

Macaws 4

Our original vantage point - the Macaws were in the trees on the far side...

Vantage point

With their wings outstretched arriving birds created beautiful starbursts of colour even from long distance...

Macaws 5

Macaws 6

Macaws 7

Macaws 8

Blue & Yellow Macaws

Macaws 9

New arrivals...

Macaws 10

Introductory loud squawks and general flapping about...

Macaws 11


Macaws 12

Calmer Red & Green Macaws lower in the tree contemplating a move to the lick...

Macaws 13


Macaws 14

Yellow-Rumped Cacique nest...

Cacique 1

Yellow-Rumped Cacique hanging upside-down at the climax of his call familiar whooping call. We also had a community of their nests in the camp...

Cacique 2

The Macaws seemed to be moving to the left, so we broke camp and took on the deep sticky mud - a few feet came out of wellies and a few backsides hit the ground, including my own. Miche on a log...



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