Flag of Ecuador

In Darwin's Footsteps

25th July to 12th August 2013

Coat of Arms of Ecuador

A trip to the Ecuadorian mainland & the Galapagos Islands



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For a nature nut, a trip to South America and the Galapagos Islands in particular was way, way over due. After much debate about the best way to do it, we chose a trip where we stayed on the islands themselves rather than on a boat. We were so pleased that we did it that way and we had an amazing time on the islands and also on the Ecuadorian mainland, needless to say the photos don't do either justice...

Day 1 - Heathrow to Amsterdam

Concorde in BA colours at Heathrow - a comeback?


We had an overnight stay in CitizenM - an ultra-modern 'boutique' hotel at the airport at Schiphol to ensure our luggage made the same flight out to Quito as us the next morning...

Next day - Day 2 - Amsterdam to Quito

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D1 - Heathrow to Amsterdam D2 - Amsterdam to Quito D3 - Hummingbirds
D4 - Quito City Tour D5 - San Cristobal - Playa Baquerizo D6 - San Cristobal - Laguna el Junco
D7 - San Cristobal - Kicker Rock D8 - Floreana - Iguanas & Turtles D9 - Floreana & Isabella
D10 - Isabella - Trek - Volcan Chico D11 - Isabella - Trek - Sulphur & Sunsets D12 - Isabella - Mud, Mangroves & Tortoises
D13 - Isabella - Wall of Tears D14 - Santa Cruz - Market, CDRS & Tortuga D15 - Bartolome
D16 - Return to Quito D17 - Otavalo, Equator & Parc Condor D18 - Return to the UK